Announced Morat’s concert in Guatemala, July 2022


In July 2022, through social networks they announced that soon, the Morat group will present a concert in Guatemala to cheer up their fans in the country.

Here’s what they’ve revealed so far.

Morat concert in Guatemala

The Colombian band, according to Asa Promotions & PR, will perform in Guatemala very soon, although they have not disclosed information such as the date, place and time of the long-awaited concert. Everything indicates that it will be part of the new dates of your Morat World Tour.

Its members are Juan Pablo Isaza Piñeros, Juan Pablo Villamil Cortés, Simón Vargas Morales and Martín Vargas Morales and they are the ones who will fill the stage with joy and good music.

More about Morat

This is one musical group of Colombian originin fact, was originally formed in Bogotá, in 2011. He has several successes to his credit such as Kisses in war, When nobody sees me and many more.

His albums About love and its side effects, Stray bullets and Where are we going? They have been known throughout Latin America and the United States.

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: It is a screenshot of the post announcing Morat’s concert. (Credits: Facebook ASA Promotions & PR)

Stay tuned for our publications to find out the official date, place and time of the concert that Morat will give in Guatemala.

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