Antigua Guatemala has been the setting for several foreign films in 2022


Antigua Guatemala has been the scene of several foreign films and productions in 2022. Since the arrival of Will Smith and now Aquaman actress Amber Heard, they have caused a sensation with their visit to the colonial city. What a chili!

March has been a busy month in terms of the visit of various Hollywood celebrities to Guatemalan lands, thus putting our country in the spotlight worldwide.

Antigua Guatemala has been the setting for several foreign films in 2022

As part of a project to reactivate the economy and tourism in Antigua Guatemala, the city council carries out the Local Film Commission of Antigua Guatemalathrough the Ministry of Economy and Tourismwhich has as one of the objectives to provide facilities for the city to be a film destination around the world.

Visually Impaired Photo Description: Amber Heard during a movie shoot in Antigua Guatemala. (Credits: Just Jared)

This is a project that began around a year and a half ago and has been thanks to the help of Guatemalan filmmakers and authorities that have been able to establish connections with Hollywood productions so that they choose the colonial city as their destination.

The project represents an important source of income for local entrepreneurs such as owners of hotels, restaurants, farms and tourist sites and an opportunity to make Antigua Guatemala known worldwide.

Celebrities who have visited Antigua Guatemala in 2022

So far this year there have already been several celebrities who have visited Antiguan lands. On February 28, the news of Will Smith’s arrival in our country was announced. During his stay in Antigua Guatemala he visited several nearby towns and shared local traditions.

Currently there is the well-known Aquaman actress, Amber Heard, who is filming a movie in San Juan del Obispo titled In The Fire. The film is directed by Conor Allyn, who wrote the screenplay alongside Pascal Borno, Silvio Muraglia and Spanish actor Eduardo Noriega.

As it is known, there will soon be 8 international productions in Antigua Guatemala during the next 2 years. Great!

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