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To encounters, Luo Nian Luo Zheng arrives at another Kingdom and points him with an arrow bow. Luo Zheng was asked by Nain that what does he wants since anyone who tresses past this island dies. Liu has become the greater weapon through training. Zheng was looking for someone. Nian said that every prisoner they have her is their Demon Night Race.

Looking at the circumstances and situation Nian decided to team up with Shui Ying to kill Zheng, and hence she makes the first attack. Nian fires Perfect Storm Arrow that bumps on Zheng’s chest. Demon Night Race Realm Lord Shui Ying tried to stab Zheng from his back, but the blade couldn’t pierce Zheng. Nian asks Zheng about the person he is looking for, and Zheng told them to stop attacking him.

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When Zheng asks them to tell their name, the ladies ask him to follow them. Zheng reminds the ladies about his partnership with their king. Three of them walk through the forest. Meanwhile, Shui talked about the seawater that turns into acid rain and how the prisoners get toured by staying under acid rain, and they try to protect themselves

Shui wonders why Zheng is not protecting himself from the acid as the rain begins. She also wonders if his skin is of metal. Zheng clear their doughts and told the girls that he doesn’t need any protection. Both of them arrive inside the prison, where a lady was getting tortured. 

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  • Ai Anxi
  • Ao Xiang
  • Cheng Yun
  • Chief Shi
  • Donf
  • Elder Xiao
  • Elder Yu
  • Fei Long

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