Apple is going like a rocket! This is your income for the last quarter


Apple outdoes itself again

At a time when all technology companies are falling, the Cupertino company has presented results that represent a year-on-year growth of 9% compared to 2021. Its revenues amount to 97,280 million dollars, obtaining a net profit from them of 25,010 million dollars. Undoubtedly, Apple once again demonstrates that the growth line drawn is on the right track. So that you can better observe the comparison with respect to the same quarter of last year, here is a comparative table.

Results Q2 2022


Q2 2022 (thousand million $)Q2 2021 (thousand million $) 50,57047,938


Q2 2022 (thousand million $)Q2 2021 (thousand million $) 10,4359,102


Q2 2022 (thousand million $)Q2 2021 (thousand million $) 7,6467,807

Wearables, Home and Accessories

Q2 2022 (thousand million $)Q2 2021 (thousand million $) 8,8067,836


Q2 2022 (thousand million $)Q2 2021 (thousand million $) 19,82116,901

Total sales

Q2 2022 (thousand million $)Q2 2021 (thousand million $) 97,27889,584

Nobody is surprised how the iPhone is still the king of Apple sales, in fact it is the star device that always dominates all the news covers related to the Cupertino company. In this case, it seems that the low demand that, in theory, the iPhone 13 mini is suffering has not affected the fact that the results in terms of sales of these devices have increased compared to Q2 of 2021. Another rise, but in this case less significant is found in Macs. The satisfaction of users given the great experience obtained with Apple computers that have their own chip makes every day more and more people dare to take that leap and enter for the first time in the Mac world, as well as those who had a device with an Intel chip, decide to renew their computer.

We continue talking about increases, and in this case we have to focus on the second most important source of income that Apple has had for a long time, which are services. Surely, this rise has a lot to do with the recent award obtained at the Oscars, which has boosted subscriptions to Apple TV +. However, the rest of the subscriptions such as Apple Music, Apple Fitness +, Apple Arcade or the same storage plans, are increasingly in demand by users.

Another sector that continues to grow within the company’s sales is that of wearables, accessories and home devices. Despite the few novelties that the Apple Watch Series 7 presented, it seems that many users continue to bet on this device to renew their Apple Watch or even to be their first Apple Watch. The same thing happens with the SE model and, of course, with the HomePod mini and the AirPods, which do not stop selling and good proof of them are these results. However, there is a negative note, and that is that despite the fact that all product sectors have risen, there is one that has dropped slightly, and that is the iPad. Surely the impact of the new iPad Air cannot yet be assessed, even so, it exemplifies quite well how Apple has the need to give this device a boost again, and we will see if this is the case or not at the next WWDC.

Apple continues to grow in America and Europe

Another object of analysis whenever Apple presents its financial results is to check in which geographical areas it has increased its sales and in which it has not. Well, as you can see a few lines below with the comparative table that we have prepared for you, the Cupertino company continues to have America and Europe as its main strongholds, the former being quite prominent, almost doubling Europe in revenue.

Results Q2 2022 by territories


Q2 2022 (billions of $)Q2 2021 (billions of $) 40,88234,306


Q2 2022 (billions of $)Q2 2021 (billions of $) 23,28722,264


Q2 2022 (billions of $)Q2 2021 (billions of $) 18,34317,728


Q2 2022 (billions of $)Q2 2021 (billions of $) 7,7247,742

Rest of Asia

Q2 2022 ($ billion)Q2 2021 ($ billion) 7.0427544

Total income

Q2 2022 (billions of $)Q2 2021 (billions of $) 97,27889,584

The increase compared to Q2 last year in America is truly incredible, and reaffirms the market power that Apple has in the other continent. Even so, in Europe it has also seen how its income has grown, although in this case much less, as has happened in China. The negative point is put in this case by Japan, where the decrease is practically negligible, and the rest of Asia.