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Ari Gameplays is harassed while streaming on the beach


Ari Gameplays was harassed during a live broadcast from the beach, in Cancun. The Monterrey streamer would have been disturbed by a drunk subject while she was making a broadcast for her followers.

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Abril Garza Alonso is one of the most successful streamers in the country. The 24-year-old has more than 4 million followers on YouTube and more than 3 million on Twitch.

The Monterrey native is known for her video game tutorials, as well as the live games she performs on a recurring basis.

Ari Gameplays, harassed live

In recent days, Ari Gameplays would have been harassed during a broadcast she made from the beach. As she said, the streamer went on vacation to Quintana Roo in the company of several friends.

While answering questions from his followers, Ari Gameplays was harassed by a drunk subject.

Asking if he could be on her broadcast, the man approached her, waved to the camera and sat down next to her. The subject, who said his name was Hector, asked if she could stay there, to which the young woman replied that she would prefer to be alone.

However, the man stayed there for several minutes. He even interrupted Ari when she clarified live that she was married.

At another point, he told the streamer that he “wanted to like her.”

Ari Gameplays was accompanied by a friend all the time. During the video, which was later shared on YouTube, the young woman appears visibly nervous and uncomfortable by the presence of that man.

“I think you can see that literally this is what we women have to live with day by day,” Ari Gameplays said to the camera when he left.

In the end, the young woman commented with annoyance that the friends of the man who bothered her did not intervene to remove him, when it was clear that she was not comfortable with his presence.

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