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Assassination Classroom A4 Edition details, on sale August 31


The next August 31, Selecta Vision will release the complete series of Assassination Classroom in a single A4 collector’s pack that integrates, in addition to extra material, the two complete seasons of the anime series.

Our world is facing the worst crisis in its history. A mysterious and powerful creature has destroyed 70% of the Moon’s mass and threatens to do the same to Earth within a year. However, he offers humanity one last chance by becoming the teacher of Class 3-E, the worst class at Kunugigaoka High School, to teach his students both normal subjects and the art of assassination. After several failed attempts to kill it, the government offers a reward of 10,000 million yen to the student who manages to kill the strange creature. But the task will not be easy, since Professor Koro can move at a speed of Mach 20, has multi-purpose tentacles and is also a splendid teacher.

Box Edition A4 8 BDs + Extras 47 episodes (Complete Series) Publisher: Selecta Vision Price: €89.99 Image: 1080p HD, 16:9 Audio: DTS-HD 2.0 Spanish and Japanese Subtitles: Spanish Extras:

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: Two CDs with the fantastic Assassination Classroom soundtrack.

2 ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM BOOKS (T1 + T2): Two fantastic books of 120 pages each, divided into Season 1 and Season 2, in A4 size with information about the characters, the story, the designs of the series…

PIN COLLECTION: Incredible collection of 8 pins with the funny faces of Koro Sensei. – POSTCARDS: 8 A4 size postcards with fantastic designs from the series.

KORO SENSEI TIE: Exclusive reproduction of the tie Koro Sensei always wears. With this edition it can be yours!

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: Opening and Ending Textless + TV Spots + Comparative Video Draft vs Final Animation + Cindy Yamuchi Interview + Taguchi Tominaga Interview + Kodaka Interview

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