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Bad and Crazy Episode 12 is all set to be released on the following date scroll down to know more about Bad and Crazy Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap of Bad and Crazy Episode 11, And More.

Bad and Crazy is a South Korean television series that is currently airing. Lee Dong-Wook, Wi Ha-Joon, Han Ji-Eun, and Cha Hak-Yeon star in the film, directed by Yoo Seon-dong and co-produced by Studio Dragon and Mink Entertainment. This iQIYI original series tells the story of a group of ‘bad and crazy’ detectives who fight corruption in the police force.

The plot revolves around a corrupt yet practical investigator with a double personality and a sense of justice. Su-yeol (Lee Dong-Wook) is a police officer in South Korea. He is capable at his work, yet his ethics are questionable. He will go to any length to attain his goals. He has gained advancements in a short amount of time due to his ambitious disposition. With the appearance of K, his smooth life abruptly changes (Wi Ha-Joon). K is a good person who also happens to be insane. When he encounters injustice, he strikes back with a fist. He wants to be a hero.

Bad and Crazy Episode 11 Highlights:

Bad And Crazy Episode 12 Release Date
Bad And Crazy Episode 12 Release Date,

With the release of episode 12 of ‘Bad and Crazy’ next weekend, Soo Yeol will finally face his history and put an end to it all. Soo Yeol was prepared to go through hell to catch Jeong Yun Ho. He was sitting in therapy with Shin Ji Hyuk and beginning the treatment. As he revealed his true personality, Ju Hyuk urged K to take over Soo Yeol. However, things quickly spiraled out of control after sparking K’s reminiscences about his past. He claimed he was only acting. Ju Hyuk questioned Soo Yeol again, asking how he could be so sure that Yun Ho, not K, murdered his father.

Bad and Crazy Episode 12 Release Date:

‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 12 will release on 28 January 2021 at 10.30 pm KST.

Bad And Crazy Episode 12 Release Date,
Bad And Crazy Episode 12 Release Date,

Bad and Crazy Episode 12 Countdown:

Bad and Crazy Episode 12 Spoilers:

His life has turned upside down due to Soo Yeol’s research. Jeong Yun Ho played Shin Ju Hyuk, the savior therapist, in everyone’s life, including Soo Yeol’s and his mother’s. Playing the doctor turns everyone in Soo Yeol’s life against him. He got him framed as a murderer as well, thanks to his mother. His mother, too, was losing control of her mind due to Alzheimer’s and frequent manipulation. And she told him that he was the one who murdered his father and that he was losing his mind as well. After being imprisoned and losing his sense of reality, Soo Yeol shot Yun Ho and was committed to a mental health facility.

Bad And Crazy Episode 12 Streaming Details:

You can watch ‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 5 on iQIYI. We recommend you to watch the show on the official website and platform only. 

Bad And Crazy Characters:

  1. Lee Dong-wook, 

2. Wi Ha-joon, 

3. Han Ji-eun  

4. Cha Hak-yeon 

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