Soo Yeol Is Ready To Help His Ex-lover In Bad And Crazy Episode 5


‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 5 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about ‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 5 Release Date, Recap of ‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 4, and more.

Directed by Yoo Seon-dong and co-produced by Studio Dragon and Mink Entertainment, Bad and Crazy is a South Korean tv series. This iQIYI original series depicts story of ‘bad and crazy’ detectives who fight against police corruption.

Bad And Crazy Episode 4 Highlights:

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In the previous episode, arresting the former Assemblyman Do come with a lot of risks. With her senior officer back, Hee Gyeom and her team were beaming with happiness. But the pain of losing another officer was still there. With the murder case gone, all the attention is on the drug ring of the substance called ‘pupil’. Do Yo Gon was making sure not to give out any information.

Bad And Crazy Episode 5 Release Date:

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The upcoming episode of ‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 5 will release on December 31, 2021. 

Bad And Crazy Episode 5 Countdown:

Bad And Crazy Episode 5 Spoilers:

In the upcoming episode, While Soo Yeol was trying to co-exist with K with a life filled with chaos, he now might have a chance to bid him goodbye. With K being in lover Hee Gyeom, he has promised Soo Yeol that he will leave for good. Only if he’ll help prove that she is being framed by the drug ring. And has no hand in Do Yo Gon’s murder. And with the chance of getting his life back, Soo Yeol is ready to do everything he can, even if that includes helping his ex-lover.

Bad And Crazy Episode 5 Streaming Details:

You can watch ‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 5 on iQIYI. We recommend you to watch the show on official website and platform only. 

Bad And Crazy Characters:

  1. Lee Dong-wook, 

2. Wi Ha-joon, 

3. Han Ji-eun  

4. Cha Hak-yeon 

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