BBC shared a photograph of Cindy Lorenzo’s Volcano of Fire


What a chili! We tell you that BBC shared the photograph of the Fuego Volcano taken by Guatemalan Cindy Lorenzo. What pride, more women standing out internationally!

In the publication they released some information about this colossus that every day gives away natural spectacles worthy of photographs.

BBC shared a photograph of Cindy Lorenzo’s Volcano of Fire

Cindy is a talented Guatemalan woman who, through her photographic eye and her camera, has captured unique landscapes and portrayed the beauty of nature in guatemala. So much so that his work has been shown to the world in different international mediaamong them, the BBC World.

It was precisely the BBC who shared a photo of the volcano in full eruption captured by Cindy through her Instagram profile. In it you can see a shot of the crater expelling lava. What a chili!

The account described: “Life and strength shake your slopes signaling that you have no borders. These are the words that @cindylorenzophoto, the author of this beautiful photograph, dedicates to the Volcán de Fuego, located about 40 kilometers southwest of Guatemala City. This is not the first time that a photo of the Guatemalan woman has appeared on international media networks, as her talent is undeniable.

A Guatemalan who stands out for her photographs

Cindy has stood out in several international media for her talent and love of photography, in each one she shows the charm of people and different places in the country.

We are very proud of the work of the Guatemalan!

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