Beasties is now available in physical format for Nintendo Switch


Beasties, the match-3 puzzle game set around catching and training monsters. Combining the casual and relaxing gameplay of match-3 puzzles and the exciting collection of beautifully designed creatures, Beasties is a different take on the genre that will appeal to all types of gamers.

The Beasties live in complete harmony and symbiosis with humans. But this harmony was broken after the disappearance of a Beastiemaster. The Beastiemasters guild will send you to an isolated town to find out what happened to the master.

YES – This game offers you:

A colorful and hand-painted world. Relaxing atmosphere. Connect-3 strategy. A lovely campaign. Large area to freely explore. tame monsters

NO – This game does not have:

Hundreds of monsters. multiplayer. Expansions or DLCs. Monster evolutions. Breeding mechanics. transcendent argument.


Beastie Fights: Puzzle turn-based combat system, easily accessible to beginners, but offering enough depth and the ability to plan moves well in advance for veteran players. They like to fight with our Beasties 😉 Upgrade your Beasties: Our friends, the Beasties, will receive Primordial Dust Particles as loot after winning battles. With them you will improve their skills. This way, you can upgrade each Beastie individually by investing in health, defense, strength, and special abilities. You decide how to configure your team based on your strategy! Exploration: To reward exploration, there will be hidden objects and random events with special loot within the world. Use your time to collect important resources and prepare for the next phases of the adventure, challenge the beast trainers or search for new beasts in the bush. Sophisticated mix of genres: Monster Trainer and Puzzle. Many Beasties have adapted to the environment, creating a wide variety of Beastie types. Gathering is important to get the resources you’ll need for your journey! Build your team of Beasties, upgrade and customize them.