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Beware Of The Villainess Chapter 64 is all set to be released on the following date. Scroll down to know more about Beware Of The Villainess Chapter 64 release date, Spoilers, Preview, And Will Mellisa And Yuri Be Able To Made Antidote?

Beware the Villainess Chapter 64 Release Date:

This series is considered one of the famous mango series across the globe. However, the awaiting fans have not yet heard about the release of chapter 64 from its makers. Since it has been a long time since the release of chapter 63, fans cannot wait long but ask about chapter 64.

According to certain sources, the release date for Beware of the Villainess Chapter 64 is closely around May 20, 2021. Unfortunately, this piece of news has not been confirmed yet.

Beware of the Villainess Chapter 64 Spoilers

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As per reports, we expect chapter 64 to start with Butler getting angry at Mellisa for not carrying about her or they will talk about this or maybe in the next episode. Butler can tell Lady Mellisa about his feelings for her and how special she means to him.

Previously On Beware of the Villainess Chapter 63 

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Chapter 63 of the series, Beware of the Villainess tells us that Mellisa told Yuri everything. Now all they have to do is get an antidote ready. Now, what takes a twisted turn is the fact that Mellisa does not know what kind of peacock poison will be used in the process of harming her. We expect chapter 64 to start from where chapter 63 left off.beware of villainess chapter 64 release date

More About Beware Of The Villainess

The first-ever episode of Beware of the Villainess aired in the year 2019. According to ratings, the show was given 5 out of 6 stars.

Beware of the Villainess is one such romantic tale of angelic heroine and her devoted suitors. They can be vying for their love… or maybe not. This series is based on a web novel. It is a wonderful combination of comedy, fantasy, and of course romance. To know more about the series, click here.

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