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Blue Exorcist Chapter 132 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Blue Exorcist Chapter 132 release date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Blue Exorcist Chapter 132 cast, And Everything We Know So Far.

Blue Exorcist is a Japanese Dark Fantasy Manga series written and published by Kasue Kato and Shueisha. The story revolves around a teenager who discovered he and his brother are the sons of Satan born from a human woman and he is an inheritor of Satan’s power.

When satan kills their guardian Rin and Rolls at true cross Academy to become an exorcist under his brother’s tutelage in order to defeat his father satan. 8 in total have 26 volumes and its volumes have a bunch of chapters 131 chapters of it have already been published 132 is yet to be published. 

Blue Exorcist Chapter 132 Release Date And Time:

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Show the chapter 132 of the Manga blue exorcist is going to be released officially on Thursday, July 1, 2021, at 12 a.m. JST /Central time 10 a.m. /Pacific time 8 a.m./ eastern time 11 a.m./ Indian standard time 8:30 p.m. / Greenwich Mean Time 3 p.m.

Blue Exorcist Chapter 132 Countdown:

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Previously On Blue Exorcist Chapter 131:

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Chapter 131 of the Manga blue exorcist has already been published and in that we got to see Shiemi Battlestar’s self-esteem and another battle is about to erupt the ultimate battle between good and Evil from which chapter 132 will continue and we would get to see battle the battle. So it would be pretty interesting to see what happens in the next chapter. 


Blue Exorcist Chapter 132 Spoilers:

netflixAs of now polar haven’t been published or announced yet by the creator or may cause as they don’t want to kill the excitement of its fans. But we can expect it to start from where it ended in the last chapter which was chapter 131.

Where To Read Blue Exorcist?

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We do not recommend you to read any manga on an fake platform or website, You can read it on Viz.

Blue Exorcist Characters:

  • Rin Okumura
  • Yukio Okumura
  • Shiemi Moriyama
  • Shiro Fujimoto
  • Mephisto Pheles
  • Kirigakure Shuru
  • Suguro Ryūji
  • Shima Renzō
  • Kamini Izumo
  • Konekomaru Miwa
  • Amaimon
  • Arthur Auguste Angle
  • Kuro
  • Igor Neuhaus
  • Usamaro

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