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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 6 is all set to be released on the following date. Scroll down to know more about Blue Reflection Ray Episode 6 release date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Preview, And what happens after lee wins the battle? 

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 6  Release Date 

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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 6 will release on Saturday, 15 May 2021, at 1:55 AM JST. You can watch Blue Reflection Ray online, AnimeLab.

Timing for different time zones is as follows.

  • Pacific Time: 9:55 AM PT
  • Indian Time: 10:25 PM CT
  • Eastern Time: 12:55 PM EST
  • British Time: 5:55 PM BST

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 6 Spoilers – What Will Happen Next?

Till now, there are no spoilers available for episode 6 but you can Follow us so in the future you can get the spoilers asap.

Previously Blue Reflection Ray Episode 5 

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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 6: Release Date & Preview - OtakuKartMiyako arrived and told the ladies that she needs to speak with them regarding the Reflectors. They head to a personal area, and Miyako can’t believe that they mistook her for a ghost since she gave the impression of one. Ruka comments that everybody would are frightened if they saw the means Miyako arrives. Momo and Hiori told her that they don’t get to push themself and that they got to rest. Miyako replies that she is ok and he or she needs to speak regarding one thing. She took out her smartphone and showed them a replacement app she found.

Miyako told the that it’s a stimulating app known as HOKAGO. Momo saw some love images on the app and asks if that’s one among those are skeevy apps. Miyako told her it’s not that and divulges that they’ll use it once faculty. She comments that she has complete one thing once observation the videos the Momo shot. She reveals that the app is useful for the ladies, and solely high school ladies will register for this app. Ruka reveals that she has detected this app from the opposite ladies.

She asks however the app can facilitate the Reflectors. Miyako reveals that there’s a conversation cluster that caught her eye. She showed the chat cluster called patrician Yuki’s wizardly area. Momo comments that she should not be showing them one thing that their eyes don’t need to ascertain. Miyako told her to prevent and hear her. Miyako told the ladies that patrician Yuki would meet with those that need a recommendation, and she’ll post regarding it within the chat. Yuki is capable of resolving any issues simply.

More About About Blue Reflection Ray:

Blue Reflection Ray is a series full of emotions and how these emotions drive their life. You can add possibly all emotions whether anger, sadness, happiness, frustration, joy, and many more. This series depicts how strong a person’s emotions could be and what can they do to change the world.

Hiori Hirahara is always optimistic toward life and cannot see people in trouble on the other hand Ruki Hanari is an awkward personality socially. she wants to get mixed with people but she isn’t aware of how to do it. How will the encounter of these two wildly different girls change not only them but the world around them?

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