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Are you facing the Blue Screen Of Death (BSoD)in your windows 10? Do not worry we have the solution, Just follow the steps below and fix the issue.

1.Run the Diagnostics Test To Fix Blue Screen Of Death

Windows Diagnostics offers analytical tests to check if the computer hardware is working correctly by separating hardware failures, After the test, if it shows you a Failure ID: “xxxxx” and Product ID: “xxxxxx” Contact your manufacturer technical support, They will tell you which part is not working correctly.

How To Run The Diagnostics Test

  • Firstly, shut down your computer, Then Follow the steps below.
  • Turn on your computer and press the F2 Key for(HP) and f12 Key for(DELL) repeatedly[For other companies you can check the diagnostics key online]. It will take you to the UEFI Diagnostics.
  • Secondly, Click on Hard Drive Check.
  • Under the list, Click on Quick Check and let it check the hard drive.
  • Now, After the check-up, It will show you if there is an error in the hard drive.
  • If it does not find any error then there is some issue in the software.

Blue Screen Of Death : Diagnostics

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2. Create A Media For Re-Installation Of The  Operating System.

  • Firstly, arrange one working computer with a flash driver (Minimum 8GB ).
    Open google and type the media creation tool for windows 10 and open the first link.
    Scroll down and download the media creation tool application.
  •  Run the media creation tool app. and agree on the terms and condition the click on next.

Blue Screen Of Death : Media creation

  • Select USB flash drive then you will see the flash drive name, please select the flash drive name and click next.

  • Now, check the language: English, Edition: Windows 10, and Architecture: 64 Bit and click on next.

  • After the progress, Media will be created into the flash drive and shut down your computer.

3. How To Install The Operating System.

For Dell computer: Press the power button one time then keep tapping on F12 key and For HP computer: Press the power button one time and keep tapping on ESC key simultaneously (Other Manufacture computer Like Lenovo, Asus Samsung, etc. please go with the F10, F12 or Esc key for UEFI page).

Blue Screen Of Death :UEFI

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  • UEFI boot page will and now you need to select the flash drive name with the help of the up and down arrow key then hit enter.
  • The installation page will pop up, so select the region the click on next.
Note: Please agree on the terms and conditions then click on custom installation.Note: If you go for re-installation of the operating system on your computer then C drive data would be permanently deleted.
  • Firstly, select the primary drive and click on the delete button (bottom box on the computer screen)
  • Secondly, will see the unallocated drive, Please select that drive and click on the new button then click on apply for primary drive size.
  • Now, select the primary drive and click on install
  • After the installation, you will see the restart button on-screen so click on that restart button.
  • Setup the computer with the help of Cortana.
Note: Do not connect internet because it would be easier for you to set up the computer, so click on I don't have internet and go with the limited setup.
  • After the Computer setup, you will see the desktop screen and now follow the next step.

4.Fix Blue Screen Of Death By Updating Drivers And Bios Firmware

  • Firstly, open any browser and search your system’s manufacturing site (Dell, HP).
  • Secondly, Hover on support and look for Software and Drivers and click on it.
    Now, Select your device either Laptop or Desktop.

Blue Screen Of Death : firmware

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  • .Now, you will have two options either you can enter your device’s serial number or Let the support system detect your device.

  • After the detection process, You will be able to see all your drivers, Just download and install the latest ones.

5.Perform a quick scan

  • Firstly, Go to the search bar and type the command prompt, and run it as an administrator.
  • Now, copy and paste the following command in it.

SFC /scannow

  • Now, after the completion of the scan, copy and paste the following command

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

In conclusion to the above post, We hope now your problem of slow performance is fixed.

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