Brief: will begin its migration to Steam on April 27


Late, because they said early April, and wrong, because they only give practically a fortnight. Not to mention that aside from the fact that with the move I will win three Interplay Fallouts for steam (I already had them in Gog), like the only game that needed a migration in that launcher was Fallout 76 and they already did it, although in that case and I don’t know why if someone still played that game with the Bethesda launcher, they had to spend all the atoms of said launcher because they were reset on Steam.
Let’s see if in the transfer of the games to Steam, they put a really “complete” edition of Rage 2, that in the Deluxe they only give you a dlc and the rest you have to use an ingame currency that is very expensive, in the purest EA style with the dlcs of the first two Dragon Age