Britney Cease And Desist Letter: Is It Over? Lynn Spears Responds to the Demands


Jamie Lynn Spears has publicly responded to Britney Spears’ cease and desist letter in her latest attempt to block the publication of her sister’s upcoming memoir, “Through The Storm.”

Jamie Lynn, who played Maddie on TV series “Zoey 101,” said that she is not required to follow her mother Lynne or Britney’s camp in the sale of the book.

“Jamie Lynn will continue to sell her book,” a representative for Spears told FOX News on Monday. “She is not required to follow Lynne or Britney’s lead in any capacity.”

In a twist, Jamie Lynn’s rep said that she is upset with Britney over the situation.

“When Jamie went to her [Britney] for support with this, she found out it was a lie,” the rep said.  “[Jamie] is angry and feels betrayed.”

Lynne Spears just recently filed an opposition in U.S. District Court against HarperCollins and writer Hilary Liftin, claiming that the book violates a confidentiality agreement she made with her daughter.  But Jamie Lynn’s rep said that this is not true, and that she does not have to follow suit.

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Britney Cease And Desist Letter

“Lynne recently filed an opposition in court again the publisher of ‘Through The Storm,'” Spears’ rep added.  “Jamie Lynn was never a party to that suit nor were any confidentiality provisions included in her contract.”

Britney’s rep has once again declined to comment on the issue.

Spears, 27, penned the tell-all book that is set to hit shelves next week.  She said that she wrote it under a pen name to conceal her identity because of the criticism she endured after giving birth at 16 and marrying at 18.

“It was an incredible journey that wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of my husband, my family, my friends and God,” Spears wrote on her Web site. “I hope this book inspires other young moms to be strong, patient, loving and brave.”

Britney has made it clear through her lawyer that she does not approve of the book.  Spears’ rep said that her former child star sibling is hurting from all of this, and she wants to make amends.

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Britney Cease And Desist Letter

“She wants everything out in the open,” Spears’ rep said. “If Jamie Lynn wants to put Britney in a positive light, she can.”

Britney recently broke her silence over the book during a conference call with “X Factor” contestants.  She had choice words for those questioning Jamie Lynn’s motives.

“By all means, if you have something to say about what I’ve done and how I’ve handled it, come at me,” she said. “But do not attack someone else I truly love.”

Spears’ rep said that the 14-year-old is not required to do anything her mother or sister say.  She has nothing against Britney and she prays for her every day, Spears added.

“Jamie Lynn is simply following what her lawyer advised,” the rep added, “which is to sell her book and not give Britney or Lynne the authority to stop it.”

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