BTS Made Japanese History New Song ‘Film Out’ [Official] #1 on the Oricon Daily Chart – Everything We Know About The Best Japanese Album


  • K-pop boy band BTS reached the top of the Oricon charts with their new Japanese song ‘Film out’.
  • According to the latest chart released by Oricon in Japan on the 3rd, BTS’s new song ‘Film out’ recorded 23,344 downloads, ranking first in the Daily Digital Singles Ranking.
  • ‘Film out’ is a song from the Japanese best album ‘BTS, THE BEST’ scheduled to be released on June 16 by BTS, and was re-released on the 2nd.

BTS Japanese New Song “Film Out”!

  • #FilmOut is the theme song of the version of the movie, “Signal’. It is “a ballad with a beautiful melody that contains a story about someone who never disappears from the heart.”

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  • BTS youngest Member Jungkook participated in the composition and completed it in harmony with the Japanese rock band back number.
  • ‘Film out’, which contains the new charm of BTS, is gaining popularity not only in Japan but all over the world right after the release. By noon on the 3rd, it swept the top in the iTunes Top Song charts in 97 countries/regions around the world and reached No. 1 in major Japanese music sources such as Line Music, AWA, and more.

BTS Japanese New Song “Film Out”! Official Music Video

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  • At the same time as BTS released the sound source, they also released the music video of ‘Film out’ through the official YouTube channel, and recorded 29.38 million views in 24 hours. This is the most viewed 24 hours in the history of an original Japanese song by BTS. In the music video for ‘Film out’, BTS added the charm of the song by showing an emotional ballad that is close to the listener with a beautiful melody, thinking of that person who still comes to mind and that person who never disappears from the heart. an empty and lonely gaze that misses someone.

BTS’S Best Album “THE BEST”

BTS Japanese New Song Film Out

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  • BTS’s upcoming Japanese album THE BEST’ includes a total of 23 songs, including ‘Film out’ and ‘Dynamite’, a digital single that caused a sensation around the world, as well as singles and album songs released by BTS for four years from 2017. It will be included.
  • 収録内容 “Contents recorded”.


M1. Film out
M2. DNA -Japanese ver.
M3. Best Of Me – Japanese ver.
M4. Lights
M5. Ifn, F. – Japanese ver.
M6. FAKE LOVE – Japanese ver.
M7. Black Swan – Japanese ver.
M8. Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.
M9. Go Go – Japanese ver.
M10. IDOL – Japanese ver.
M11. Dionysus – Japanese ver.
M12. MIC Drop – Japanese ver.

-Bonus Track M13. Dynamite


M1. Boy With Luv-Japanese ver.
M2. Stay Gold
M3. Let Go
M4. Spring Day – Japanese ver.
M5. ON -Japanese ver.-
M6. Don’t Leave Me
M7. Not Today -Japanese ver.
M8. Make It Right – Japanese ver.
M9. Your eyes tell
M10. Crystal Snow

DISC3 (Blu-ray/DVD)


Film out Music Video
Stay Gold Music Video
Lights Music Video
Airplane pt.2 – Japanese ver.- Music Video
MIC Drop – Japanese ver.- Music Video if. F. -Japanese ver.- Music Video.

Making of Jacket Photos
Film out Making of Music Video
Stay Gold Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]
Lights Making of Music Video [Additional Edition) MIC Drop – Japanese ver.- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]
Airplane pt.2 – Japanese ver.- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]

ifn, . -Japanese ver.- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]

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