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Burger King Apologizes For Their International Woman’s Day Message Tweets


The day before yesterday, 8th March everyone celebrated International Women’s Day. A day made to celebrate and acknowledge everything women do or face in their lives. While the centric idea of it resolves around strengthening their voices and helping break the gender stereotypes; Burger King issued a tweet questioning those very ideas.

Burger King – Tweet

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  • While the original idea was a play on the archaic statement “Women belong in the Kitchen” in order to promote their Culinary scholarship.
  • The tweet in itself received major backlash.
  • While the printed ad and tweet quickly make it clear that it’s a sarcastic quip to the age-old belief, people weren’t amused and a lot of them called for a boycott of Burger King.

Actual message

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  • The ad in question by Burger King was to announce the launch of its H.E.R. (Helping Equalize Restaurants) scholarship.
  • It offers financial assistance to women who work at Burger King and aspire have to an academic degree in culinary arts. “Fine dining kitchens, food truck kitchens, award-winning kitchens, casual dining kitchens, ghost kitchens, Burger King kitchens.
  • If there’s a professional kitchen, women belong there,” said Fernando Machado, global CMO of the brand’s parent company
  • As the message got misinterpreted and diluted, It drew some negative feedback from people who only read the headline.
  • But there’s a slight chance it will continue to shift to positive as people realize the real intent behind it.


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  • The fast-food giant was accused of using the sexist statement as a clickbait for their program.
  • Netizens called out the company for approving the tweet in the first place.
  • While some people questioned it for the apology it framed, pointing out it just mentioned the abusive comments, it was also called out for the time it took in deleting the tweet.
  • Even if the confusion was created due to people just reading the headline, it was argued that there were better ways to present this campaign.
  • While tweets keep defending Burger King, people weren’t impressed and continued to question the company.
  • Some called it out for the misogynistic tweet, others trolled it with memes and jokes.

Burger King – Apology

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  • The company tried to defend it in their subsequent tweets, explaining how they were pointing out the gender employment difference.
  • “If they want to, of course. Yet only 20% of chefs are women.
  • We’re on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career.
  • #IWD” the brand tweeted.,“We are proud to be launching a new scholarship program which will help female Burger King employees pursue their culinary dreams!” it added.
  • As the brand started to take the heat of the netizens several other fast-food chains also added, in suggesting they delete the tweet.
  • After almost 12 hours Burger King issued out an apology.
  • After deleting the tweet while also citing the abusive comments under it, Burger King tweeted, “We hear you.
  • We got our initial tweet wrong and we’re sorry.
  • Our aim was to draw attention to the fact that only 20 percent of professional chefs in the UK.
  • We decided to delete the original tweet after our apology, The abusive comments brought our attention in the thread and we don’t want to leave the space open for that,” they added.
  • People still aren’t too happy about the tweet and how they went about it.

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