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For PQE Group, the global women-owned life sciences quality consulting company, the first half of 2022 has ended with a very positive balance. The Italian parent Group, having concluded the year 2021 with a 20% increase in revenues, confirms its development plan with the announcement of two acquisitions and a new legal entity in Melbourne (Australia) and a new office in Buenos Aires (Argentina). ).

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As indicated at the beginning of 2022, most of the global staff development plan has been executed with almost 400 new hires around the world, of which 200 are from Italy or the United States, followed by the Mexican subsidiary of PQE Group.

With a strong focus on the United States and Latin America, the company led by Gilda D’Incerti has begun the process of acquiring two firms, and announces the affiliation of United Pharma Technologies Inc., a services company based in New Jersey, and Quintian Pharma, based in Malta.

The company’s mergers and acquisitions model adopts the concept of a Federation instead of a classic acquisition, with which it is intended to exchange shares with different entities in local markets around the world to create close alliances that allow expanding the personnel and the project capabilities faster and more efficiently.

“With our unique and different approach to M&A activities, we aim to engage with entrepreneurs and not just companies, bringing business development ideas to the table and acting as a whole organization sharing the same vision, mission and network,” he explains. Danilo Neri, executive vice president and member of the Board of Directors of PQE Group.

Quintian Pharma, under the leadership of Claude Vella Bonanno, is committed to providing services and support to the pharmaceutical industry, following all EU directives on new products. PQE Group will join the Board as the main shareholder (51%) and will support the strategic growth of the consulting agency specializing in the application of EU pharmacovigilance standards to clients in the Middle East.

United Pharma Technologies Inc., a service agency based in New Jersey, United States, was founded in 2014 and is currently led by Vasantha Madasu, who will join PQE Group as a local partner in the United States subsidiaries. and Mexico and has been named director of talent recruitment for the Americas.

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