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Business Wire Press Release: VOOPOO


VOOPOO, a leading global electronic atomization brand, has just launched a seven-day countdown on its official website on June 23 to mark the launch of a new product with the theme “More Than Infinity”, which will be held at 10:00 pm (GMT+8) on June 29. Being the first new product release from VOOPOO this year, this release will be quite eye-catching.

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What stories will be shared at this 8th anniversary show? The launch event is not only held to introduce the new products, but also to celebrate the 8th anniversary of VOOPOO’s founding. Since its inception, VOOPOO has earned a reputation for developing a variety of revolutionary products. While promoting the development of the industry, VOOPOO has made leaps in market share year after year. By far, VOOPOO has become one of the most prominent brands in open pod systems. VOOPOO has also won several Vapouround 2022 awards recently, which are known as the Oscars of the atomization industry and has been highly praised by the industry and users. There is no doubt that VOOPOO will reveal some of the stories behind the brand on this 8th anniversary.

Is there a strong association between the infinity symbol and the VOOPOO brand? Posters posted on the official website and social platforms feature the infinity symbol as the main visual element of the launch. VOOPOO has lately launched a number of high-profile events around the world, whether it’s the “Spark Your Life Infinite Challenge” on Tik-Tok or pop-up events organized by graffiti artists in the UK and Indonesia, all were strongly linked to the infinity symbol. It is now clear that they organized to heat the launch. This release, whose theme is “More than infinity”, shows that the infinity symbol seems to become the cultural totem of the VOOPOO brand. As for the spirit of the brand that represents the symbol of infinity, it will only be revealed during the launch.

What revolutionary advances will the new products bring in this launch? Another highlight of the launch is the new products that VOOPOO will debut on this occasion. Judging from the relevant content revealed on the official website, the overall style of KEY VISION is very avant-garde from a technological point of view, and several products will be released at the same time. For VOOPOO, which was known for its product innovation, the new products to be introduced may also make various breakthroughs in terms of design and technology. The official noted that the launch will be broadcast live on the company’s official YouTube channel at 10:00 pm (GMT+8? on June 29. At that time, global vaping fans and vape watchers industry will not only be witnesses, but they will be able to participate in this party organized by VOOPOO.

About VOOPOO VOOPOO is a leading brand in open pod systems and has risen rapidly thanks to DRAG products, which have been widely acclaimed globally in a very short time. VOOPOO focuses on building two core technology platforms [chip] Y [atomización]. VOOPOO has creatively developed GENE.AI, GENE.TT and other chips. Furthermore, VOOPOO has independently developed three atomization platforms, TPP, PNP, ITO, targeting differentiated users. VOOPOO has four major product series: ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI and the V (Doric) series. VOOPOO will continue to develop more domestic markets in the future, aiming to build one of the most influential global brands.

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