Can visits to Apple Park be made?


Apple Park is Apple’s headquarters, the epicenter of the design of new Apple products and operating systems. It is located very close to the Apple Campus, the first complex designed by the American company several years ago, and although it may seem impossible, there is a part of this complex that is open to visitors. In this post we tell you how visits work.

Apple has a Apple Park located in Cupertino which has become its headquarters to design new products. It is a development center in which workers have all the comforts to be able to develop new devices. Some people think that visits cannot be made, but there is a small part of the complex that can be visited. As expected, the ring-shaped building cannot be visited, since that is where Apple products are created. But the company also thought about the large number of followers it has and created an area suitable for visits. You can’t see much, but it’s a good gesture so that anyone who wants to get closer can learn more about the design of this campus, which is a very interesting architectural work worth seeing.

How are the visits organized?

Although it seems complicated to go see it, there is a small part that Apple has organized so that visitors can spend some time in its facilities. It is a building that is located in front of the great ring, and it has an Apple store where you can buy special products, such as Apple Park t-shirts, caps or mugs. But if you want to buy an Apple product, you can also do it there, getting quite striking discounts. In addition to this store, the visitor building has a full-size model of the main building, which you can interact with thanks to the iPads that are available. Next to the store is the cafeteria, called Apple Café, which has two floors and from above you can see the great Apple Park building, although with the number of trees you see less and less. Many followers of the brand would like to be able to see up close how the process of creating and designing their products is, and although this is not possible, there is a giant screen in the cafeteria where you can watch videos of how the products are created and some of the talks taking place at Apple.

It is not necessary to make an appointment or arrange a visit, you just have to get to Cupertino. It should be noted that to get to the area where Apple Park is located, it is advisable to go by car, since it is somewhat far from the city. Although you can’t see much of the facilities, if you’re a true Apple fan, we recommend that you go to Apple Park if you’re in the United States. Being able to see first-hand the architecture and design of Apple is an opportunity that you cannot miss. In addition, you can take exclusive souvenirs from the store located at the entrance.