Canceled E3 2022, which will not be held in physical or digital format


The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has announced that there will be no E3 this year. The American video game employers had already canceled the celebration of an event in physical format due to COVID-19, a reason that some considered an excuse, and today it has confirmed that it does not intend to organize a virtual event either. Despite the fact that E3 has been holding on for two years as best it can and some more losing companies like Sony, it will not disappear. The ESA ensures that it is already working on E3 2023.

“E3 will return in 2023 with a revitalized showcase […]”, says the ESA in a statement. “We previously announced that E3 would not be held in person in 2022 due to health risks related to COVID-19. Today we communicate that there will not be a digital showcase at E3 2022 either.

Instead, we will devote all of our energy and resources to delivering a revitalized physical and digital E3 experience next summer. “Whether you enjoy it from the event itself or from your favorite devices, the 2023 showcase will bring the community, media and industry together in an entirely new format and interactive experience. We look forward to presenting E3 to fans around the world at a live event from Los Angeles in 2023.”

The ESA is not yet in a position to reveal how it intends to revitalize E3, an event that a few years ago was a must for any company in the video game industry. The organization says it is working with its members to offer a hybrid event that sets a new standard.

As has been shown in previous years, E3 is no longer the event that once managed to bring together more than 60,000 people and dozens of companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Activision, Ubisoft and company. COVID-19 has done a lot of damage, but the ESA’s problems go back further. The E3 has not evolved over time and when it has tried to do it, it has done it wrong and late. Other proposals such as the Summer Game Fest, which will be held this year, have taken the lead in record time.

That E3 is not held does not mean that in the coming months we will not see big events with announcements. Of course, they will be individual and possibly more spaced in time. In the coming weeks, companies should start giving dates. At the moment we have Electronic Arts that has already said that it will not organize EA Play and instead will send the announcements it deems appropriate “when the time is right for each one of them.” We will see what other companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo decide to do.