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Chavo del 8: What happened to Paty and why did she give up her role?


Many of the Mexican productions have become a reference for several families in different parts of the world. Soap operas and series have won the hearts of many people, which are remembered to this day.

This is the case of El Chavo del 8, one of the classic productions of the Mexican country, whose characters continue to cause laughter and good memories such as ‘Quico’, ‘Godínez’, ‘Chilindrina’ and ‘Paty’.

Lilian de la Macorra was one of the most recognized actresses in this production as she was the first love of ‘Clavo del 8′. After so many years since her first appearance, her change has been unrecognizable in the eyes of Mexicans.

Ana Lilian de la Macorra Apellániz was born on November 27, 1957 in Mexico City. From a very young age she was a lover of all kinds of art -books, music and movies-, a reason that helped her to be a very hyperactive, social and above all curious girl.

His childhood and adolescence were quiet compared to the actors who started their careers from a young age. She focused on finishing her basic studies and on her family, until she started working as a receptionist, nurse and secretary.

After losing his last job, at age 21, he began working at the Mexican production company Televisa as an assistant thanks to Luis Felipe Macías, one of his closest friends, going through several productions. In this way, she entered the programs of actor Roberto Gómez Bolaños as editor: ‘El Chapulín Colorado’ and ‘El Chavo del Ocho’.

In 1978, Gómez, also known as ‘Chespirito’, decided to write three chapters with new extra characters, who were ‘Gloria’ and ‘Paty’. In this way, Apellániz was in charge of casting hundreds of women who were looking for the role of the niece, although none of them had the appearance of a girl.

Bolaños offered her the missing character, since she was a beautiful woman and had a resemblance to an infant. ‘Aunt Gloria’ was played by the actress Regina Torné, which was an advantage because both had a great resemblance.

This is how she became the new girl of ‘La Vecindad’, appearing in the three chapters created for the characters. The two new actresses in the production were very well received by fans of the series, so Bolaños created more than 25 episodes for her appearances over two years.

“They told me how I had to do it and so I did it. I thank you all a lot for the patience you had me, I never took an acting course and everyone would die of laughter if I was wrong and they helped me in take two or take fifty, “he said in an interview in the half Univision.

Her last appearance on the show was in 1979 in the episode ‘Dreaming in the restaurant’, since she did not dream of being an actress and preferred to work behind the scenes as a producer until 1980.

off camera


Her course in life took her to the United States to study Psychology at the University of Baltimore, the same place where she completed her master’s degree in psychotherapy. She at the same time worked as a door-to-door saleswoman for British encyclopedias to pay for her studies.

“I was sorry that they recognized me, I ran into restaurants and went to the back, turning my back on people because it gave me a thing,” he said in the aforementioned medium.

When he finally graduated, he began to work in several psychological care clinics in the North American country, until he decided to return to his native country and have his own office.

In 2014 he published his own book Hondos los suspiros with the Cuadrivio publishing house. With the quantity of 200 pages, Lilian delved into “the interior of being, of the human being, of being in philosophical abstraction, of being in each thing and environment”.

“A poet, man or woman, is that being who writes using the ink that springs from the heart and mixes his experience with his ‘whys’, his passions and his questions. A poet is life itself made human”, recounts one of the sentences in his book.

He is currently 64 years old and lives with his partner, with whom he has two children. He continues to work in the professional career in which he specialized, in addition to writing for different magazines and newspapers that cover psychology.

Since then he has been away from the cameras, living very happily with his family and focusing on what he has been most passionate about since he was young. In May 2021, he opened his own Instagram account in which he shares photos of the best moments of his life.

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