Cinemaran Spain license Sing a Bit of Harmony


Cinemaran Spain has been made with the rights of the anime film Sing a Bit of Harmony, a film that will hit theaters soon, in addition to going through the next film festivals in the Spanish geography this fall.

Yasuhiro Yoshiura is the animator of this tape that adapts the manga of Megumu Maeda. Produced by JC Staff Y Funimation, distributed by shōchiku It was released in October of last year in the Japanese country.

Shion Ashimori, who transfers to Keibu High School, where she quickly becomes popular for being so outgoing and good at sports… But it turns out she’s an AI in testing phase!

Shion’s goal is to make the lonely Satomi Amano happy, but his way of doing it is totally unexpected: he starts singing to her in the middle of class!

Satomi and her geek friend Tôma hit it off with Shion. Joining them, won over by the AI’s singing and charm, are handsome Gocchan, strong Aya, and Thunder, a member of the judo club. However, what Shion does for Satomi ends up getting everyone in trouble…

Get ready for the heartwarming story of an AI that isn’t quite ready for the market and her classmates!