City Hunter will have a new movie for its 35th Anniversary!


Today April 8 35 years have passed since the premiere of the first episode of the anime series City Hunter in Japan.

It is based on the manga of the same name that it publishes in Spain Ivrea. The first two seasons of the anime, baptized as Hunterwere issued in Telecinco, when the chain was worth it. The third season was released on VHS by Dynamic SK and was issued in Buzz. was unpublished City Hunter 91the fourth season of the series.

Some movies and OVAS were broadcast subtitled in locomotionbut later Jonu Media He released all of them on DVD. except the last one, Private Eyespremiered in 2019 and unreleased in Spain.

Select Vision has edited the tape Jackie Chan based on the franchise and the much more faithful French film.

The new film was announced today, which is in production to celebrate the anime’s 35th anniversary.