Claro offers its business customers clearer calls and in HD


As of this Monday, June 27, Claro business customers experienced an improvement in the voice call service. Since yesterday, telephone conversations are sharper and clearer, and with voice in high definition (HD).

The enhancement has been implemented for postpaid and controlled account customers in the business segment. However, since September of the previous year, Claro’s massive clients also began to enjoy the benefit.

This is possible thanks to 4G VoLTE technology, which are voice calls made over the Internet, using mobile phone data connections. These calls are differentiated because they use 4G coverage.

“We have been positioning ourselves as the operator that gives the most to customers, that provides them with the best experiences and cutting-edge technology. The corporate segment is extremely important for Claro, and being able to provide this type of solutions, a better connection and better use of the contracted speed. We want to give them a better experience.”

— Leonel Ahrens, Marketing Manager of Claro Costa Rica.

Benefits of 4G VoLTE


Those who have VoLTE 4G will experience other benefits when making phone calls. For example, at the same time that they have a telephone conversation, they can send messages on WhatsApp, use applications or watch a video, always maintaining the speed of the Internet.

Other benefits offered by VoLTE 4G is that it minimizes background noise during telephone conversations, provides faster connection of calls and generates less consumption of the phone’s battery. The latter because the connection to the network is more efficient, so there are fewer connection attempts by the smartphone, thus optimizing the battery.

Claro business customers will also experience other benefits, such as increased minutes, unlimited social networks and America without Borders.

How to enjoy this service?


VoLTE 4G for Claro business customers will be available at no additional cost and automatically. However, you must have a smartphone compatible with 4G and a SIM 4G profile 40 or higher.

To find out if your phone has this type of SIM, you can call your Claro executive or visit one of the company’s branches. As for the characteristics of the smartphone, you can enter network settings from your phone and check if you have access to 4G, or make the query by taking your phone to a branch of the telephone operator.

Phones that meet the characteristics of the network and with the compatible SIM, connect automatically. You will be able to see the word 4G on the screen of your mobile device at all times.

As a Claro business customer, you have a VIP channel at your disposal to make inquiries. To do this, you can call the number 7002-1111 or write to the email [email protected]