Clásicos I by Movistar+ will offer a new Venus Wars pass in August


venus wars it is one of the licenses that he announced a while ago Select Vision and that soon recovers for its Blu-ray and DVD edition this anime classic edited on VHS, back in the day, by Manga Films.

Classics I by Movistar+ reissues the anime film which will also be available on demand on Monday August 29 at 05:34.

In the 21st century, humanity lives in two worlds. After the impact of an icy meteorite, a movement of plates has turned Venus into a habitable planet. Settlers from Earth adapted that hostile world and have prospered for four generations, but they also brought the dark side of humanity; Venus is about to become hostile again. Hiro Seno, a biker, witnesses the first coup of the rival nation Ishtar against his country, Aphrodia. Huge tanks and war planes quickly destroy the city. The Aphrodian army scrambles to mobilize and recruit, and despite his opposition to the war, Hiro finds himself fighting for his life in the line of fire.