Claws Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date, Spoilers, Countdown And Watch Online


Claws Season 4 Episode 8 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about Claws Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date, Recap of Episode 11, and more.

Claws is an American comedy-drama series created by Eliot Laurence. The series was first premiered on June 11, 2017.

In 2017, the claws came out and TV viewers were introduced to one of the most interesting female characters on television. The show Claws was a fresh new take on a darkly comedic drama all while having a cast filled with women leading the way. With an amazing cast consisting of Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, Judy Reyes, and Karrueche Tran, the first season of Claws was a success that many wanted to see more of.

Last summer, Claws returned for its second season and expanded on all of the plot lines they set up in the first season.

Not only did we learn more about Desna (Niecy Nash) and her family’s criminal empire, but we also were introduced to new characters such as Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) who brought a whole new dynamic to the show. Season 2 was jam-packed and fans of the show (including myself) were begging for more at the end of each episode.

On August 2nd, we will finally get what we want with the return of Claws. The critically acclaimed show will return with 10 new episodes that fans are sure to enjoy. So to celebrate the renewal of Claws, I have decided to list the 5 reasons why you should watch this upcoming season

Claws Season 4 Episode 8 Highlights:

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Desna was visibly agitated in the last episode after her company misplaced all of the pills. We also got to witness how few trustworthy employees Uncle Daddy has because his actions enraged a lot of people. And this isn’t to say that Desna is behaving better, because she isn’t. She has been completely unreasonable to her subordinate over the years, as well as just much of everyone else around her. Desna is doing everything he can to turn the tables on Dr. Ken; he’s played all of his cards and is left with no alternative following his strange handling of the situation. Desna, he thought, was superior to the other antagonist. While we’re on the subject of Ken, he officiated at Axel and Polly’s wedding ceremony.

Claws Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date:

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Claws Season 4 Episode 8 will be released on 23 January 2022. The eight-episode is titled ‘Reckoning’. It will air on 21:00, Eastern Time, United States.

Claws Season 4 Episode 8 Countdown:

Claws Season 4 Episode 8 Spoilers:

Desna will be shown in the next episode, and things will get complicated for her because she had to shorten the items. Uncle Daddy, on the other hand, is on the loose.

Where To Watch Claws?

You can watch Claws online via the TNT website or its app. Apart from that, Claws is available to stream on Hulu, on DirecTV, on Sling, and on Spectrum. The series is also available to purchase on Apple iTunes, Amazon Direct Video, Google Play, Vudu, and the Microsoft Store.

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