Covid-19 Increasing In America Again: What Is The Real Reason, Is It The Delta Version?


A pinnacle of 29,000 new cases are being diagnosed every day in the United States, roughly the same level as in April 2020. 

On Sunday, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said he is concerned about the increasing number of new coronavirus cases in the country and put part of the blame on social media companies for not doing enough to remove misinformation about the need to get vaccinated.

“I’m concerned about what we’re seeing,” Murthy told “Fox News Sunday,” as about, when the pandemic first swept through the country. The highly contagious delta variant has been particularly problematic.

“This pandemic isn’t over,” he said.

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The Facebook site used by millions of Americans says it has removed 18 million pieces of COVID-19 misinformation. Murthy said, “Despite what they’ve done, it’s not enough. The intention is good, but I’m asking them to step up” and do more.

The time and effort that it takes to get vaccinated may matter less to those who worry more. As communities began to reopen bars, restaurants, and stores during the spring and summer of 2020, people were understandably eager to be able to go out and resume some of their regular activities.

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But the number of people infected with the coronavirus was still high in many areas, and transmission of the virus was easily rekindled once people expanded their activities and contact with each other. Medical experts instructed reopening communities to continue diligent COVID-19 precautions, including physical distancing, hand-washing and mask-wearing, and monitoring for symptoms. Unfortunately, the combination of reopening and lapses in these infection prevention efforts has caused the number of coronavirus infections to rise again.

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Without a vaccine, most doctors and scientists agree that a swarm immunity method of letting the virus “take its course” is not favorable. Letting the coronavirus circulate freely among the public would result in hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of more people left with lasting lung, heart, brain, or kidney damage. Across the United States, access to vaccines has been uneven. Some states, such as Georgia and Utah, have fully vaccinated less than 10% of their populations, whereas Alaska and New Mexico have fully vaccinated more than 16%. So these can be the reasons for the rise in covid cases.