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Diamond No Ace Chapter 257 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Diamond No Ace Chapter 257, Spoilers, Recap of Diamond No Ace Chapter 256, And more.

Diamond No Ace which is also known as Ace Of Diamonds is an amazing Japanese Manga series. The series is written as well as illustrated by Yuji Terajima. Weekly Shōnen Magazine has serialized the series from 2006 to 2015. A sequel named Ace of Diamond Act II was started in 2015 through an anime adaptation started from 6 October 2013 to 28 March 2016. The series follows the story of the protagonist Eijun Sawamura, a baseball pitcher with a very different changeup pitch which is natural to him but surprising for others.

Diamond No Ace Chapter 257 Release Date:

The upcoming chapter 257 of Diamond No Ace will be releasing on 5th August 2021. As the Manga is on a few week’s break that’s why the upcoming chapter will be released in the first week of August. The series is also known as Ace of Diamonds.

Diamond No Ace Chapter 257 Countdown:

Diamond No Ace Chapter 257 Spoilers:

Diamond No Ace chapter 257: Release date, Spoiler and Preview -

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In the last episode, Sawamura is affected by Miyuki. He thinks that Miyuki does not consider him a competent one. So the first spoiler in chapter 257 is that it may be seen that Sawamura train and work harder which can prove his presence to Miyuki.

Although, the second spoiler is as we know this is almost the last time we see them together. Though all of the team members will give their best training effort. This will be for the preparation of finals which is against Inajitsu.

Previously On Diamond No Ace Chapter 256 :

Diamond No Ace chapter 257: Release date, Spoiler and Preview -

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So far in chapter 256, it’s seen that Seidou has started their preparations for the finals against Inajitsu. They resolved their mindset as well as focused on winning by giving it their best.

In chapter 256, Miyuki disclosed in Furuya regarding his future. He was even curious for knowing what Furuya had in mind. Sawamura was a bit hurt because of the reason that Miyuki didn’t feel the need to confide in him.

Diamond No Ace Chapter 257 Characters:

Eijun Sawamura, Takuma Seto, Yoshikawa Haruno, Yūki Masashi, Yōichi Kuramochi, Kazuya Miyuki, Enjō Renji, Kōshū Okumura, Haruichi Kominato, Kazuya Miyuki, Masamune Hongō, Satoru Furuya these are the chracters included in the series Diamond No Ace.

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