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Death Note Season 2  is all set to be released on the following date. Scroll down to know more about Death Note Season 2 release date, Spoilers, Preview, Where I can watch Death Note , And what will happen next?

The first season of ‘Death Note’ was aired in the year 2007. Not to mention, it became an instant success amongst its viewers. This animated series not only managed to acquire a huge amount of fan following from across the world but also provoked everyone to wait for its second season.

This article is authored with a view to give away its readers information in relation to the release date of season 2, its plot, a quick recap of season 1, and other exciting updates as well.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date

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In the present time, we have not heard or gained any new information regarding the renewal of this manga series. According to a source, two movies on the same theme have been out to the public so far.

While we hope for season 2 of Death Note to be announced soon, there are certain rumors that another part of this series is all set to be published. Here’s to hoping that the makers do not ignore the second part of the novel and then adapt it to an animated series soon enough.


Death Note Season 2: Plot – What Can Probably Happen In Death Note Season 2? 

Since there is no official announcement of season 2, there is no plotline as such. The series had a proper ending but we expect a catch here that the diary has not been completely destroyed. Hence, if at all “Death Note” Season 2 gets released; we sure can expect the diary to be in the hands of someone else.


death note season 2 release date


Previously On Death Note Season 1 

A diary called “Death Note” to come into play. It grants the user the ability to kill people by writing their names in the diary. It is found by a teenage boy named Light Yagami. . When a person touches the diary they are able to see a ‘Shinigami'(Death God). He soon starts misusing it and turns into a murderer.                                           

Soon, a detective finds out everything as he delves deeper into the case. Towards the finale of the series, we find out that Yagami has been punished for all his sins as he is killed by none other than the Shinigami Ryuk.

Will There Be Any Death Note Season 2?

This is a question every true ‘Death Note’ fan wishes to know. Well, to be honest, this question is difficult for us to answer as well because there has been no official announcement made by its maker for the same.

Is there any anime like Death Note?

Yes, there is a good amount of anime available which will give you the same experience as death note some of them are mentioned below:


2.Mirai Nikki [ Future Dairy ]


4.Death Parade

5.Code Geass

Is There Any Trailer Available For Death Note Season 2?

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There is no official trailer available for death note season 2 yet, But you can enjoy the death note season 1 trailer until the series gets its second installment.

What Is Death Note IMDB Rating?

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As death note is loved by most of the anime lovers and not only this people like the amount of creativity used by the makers, Death Note gets a whooping 9.0\10 on IMDB

Where Can I Watch Death Note Anime Series? Where Can I Watch Death Note For Free?

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We do not recommend you to watch any anime on any fake website or platform, You can watch Death Note on  HULU  And Netflix , Also you can watch it on youtube for free.

More About Death Note

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This series is adapted from the Manga Novel series. The first season had about 37 episodes in total. Fans described its ending as very satisfying. It was produced by  Madhouse  and directed by  Tetsurō Araki .

This series’ American film adaptation was released on Netflix in August 2017.

Last but not least there are some unanswered questions which everyone wanna know like, Will light Yagami return in death note season 2, and will there be death note season 2? We will update you asap we get any information about them.

Stay tuned for more amazing and exciting updates!

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