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Let us take a look at the poster for this episode.

This is what it looks like.

“Oh my god! It’s huge!” So much excitement… I’m so happy that Tanjiro is able to save Nezuko. Don’t let them die, please! What does this mean? The arrowhead will only go after demons? It has a mind of it’s own… I think. Will this play a part in the future? Now, let us get into the episode.

Oh my god! This is what happens when someone touches Nezuko!? Please make sure you don’t touch her or else she will explode!!! Tanjiro and Yuugo are able to make it back alive. Yuugo learns another ability and is able to help the villagers out. I think this will play a part in later episodes with demons and what not. “I’ll show you my full power!”

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Now we’re talking! Nezuko’s vision is now clear now that she’s free from those chains and looks like she can fight now. Tanjiro and Nezuko look great fighting together and the animation is amazing! I love how they make trails appear whenever they attack or dodge something. Now, this episode showed us more of what Tanjiro will do to save his family even if it means sacrificing himself. The animation with Momo was beautiful and we don’t know if she gave Tanjiro permission to kill her or not. We’ll find out next week since this is the end of the entertainment district arc! Unfortunately, there probably won’t be a new episode for two weeks since it’s summer vacation in Japan. Now, let us take a look at the preview.

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I’m so excited for this! Whoa… I didn’t know that there were so many demons attacking each other. The preview looks great, can’t wait for it! Also, who is the girl in the blue coat? She’s definitely important if she’s able to talk to Tanjiro directly. What happened before that scene with her and Tanjiro? Also, I think it’s awesome that Tanjiro is able to talk with Nezuko by his side right now. This might mean that she can stay with him longer and not disappear. But will he be able to save her? All this and more when we return!

Where to Stream Demon Slayer?

The anime will be available to stream on various platforms like Crunchyroll, and Funimation at 9:30 PM IST, 8:00 AM PT, 10:00 AM CET, 12:00 AM PST, and 11:00 AM ET.

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