Details of the second Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray box, on sale on March 25


The next March 25th the second box of Dragon Ball Z on Blu-ray, by Select Vision.

Mutenroshi summons Shenron to revive Goku. The problem is that Goku will take more than two days to travel the entire Serpent Path again. Meanwhile, the Z Warriors are willing to hold off the Saiyans until Goku arrives, but the Saibaiman don’t make it easy for them. Finally, Goku appears at last in the God Palace and rushes towards the battlefield. The great confrontation between Goku and Vegeta draws near… Will Goku resort to his deadly Kaioh Ken attack?

Digipack Edition 3 BDs + Extras 20 episodes Publisher: Selecta Vision Price: €59.99 Image: 1080p HD, 4:3 Audio: DTS-HD 2.0 Spanish, Japanese, Catalan, Galician and Valencian Subtitles: Spanish Extras: Set of 10 Classic Visual Cards SV, 1 Special Cell Card SV and Episode Guide