District Manga announces another battery of licenses that will come out in the fall


Manga District continues adding licenses to its catalog and, today in the 40 Comic BCNhas announced another battery of licenses that we will see published from autumn.

Old Boy (3 volumes)

10 years ago, Gotô was kidnapped for no apparent reason and has been locked up in prison ever since. One day he wakes up and finds himself outdoors, and although he does not know the reasons why he has been released, one thing is clear: the time has come to claim revenge.

Joy 2 (1 volume)

Gô Okazaki, a shôjo manga artist, accidentally discovers that his assistant, Akune, is gay. At the same time, his editor offers him to draw a BL and he accepts the offer right away, but when nothing occurs to him, he imagines that he feels something platonic for his assistant…

Beck (17 volumes)

Yukiô Tanaka’s monotonous life is turned upside down when he saves a dog from some boys who stone him. He then meets the owner, Minami Ryûsuke, a sixteen-year-old guitarist who has just arrived from the United States who will infect him with a passion for music.

Kageki Shoujō! (1 volume)

Like the Takarazuka Revue, the young women who attend the Kouka Kageki Arts Academy perform all the roles of musical theater, male or female. Narada Ai is a jaded former idol who plays female roles; her roommate, who plays male roles, is bright-eyed country girl Watanabe Sarasa.

Kageki Shoujō!! (open)

The story of the Kōge Theater Company, a company founded in the Taisho era made up solely of single women.

The King’s Beast (open)

When Sogetsu was a child, he was forcibly taken away by the imperial army to serve Prince Tenyô, leaving his twin sister, Rangetsu, alone. However, he is killed. To get revenge, Rangetsu will pose as a man and infiltrate as one of the palace servants.

Farewall, My Dear Cramer (7 volumes)

Nozomi has always played in the men’s team and is a prodigy with the ball. Sumire is the young promise of her high school, but the others are not up to the task. When their paths cross, will they be able to fight their way to victory and bring fame to women’s football?

Don’t Call It Mystery (open)

The story follows Kunou Totonou, a university student who solves mysteries. At the beginning of the story, the police bring him in for questioning on suspicion of murdering his classmate.