Download Microsoft Office Free For Windows 10: 100% Cracked Microsoft Office Setup


Microsoft is the most friendly user and prominent in its work. I can’t imagine not even one student, professor, corporate personalities, or anyone not using Microsoft. Although Microsoft normally started with $70 we can download it for free and use it to its fullest.

How Do I Install My Free Student Download Pf Microsoft Office?

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You all can download a free copy of Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, and One Drive) By following the steps written below:

1.Firstly, you should log in to your student email account on the device you need to operate Microsoft Office.

2.Select ‘Office 365 Apps’ under Install Office, you will find this by navigating to the Office 365 page.

3.Then you have to install the operating system as per your required devices and system, as a new screen will pop up.

4. You will receive the message ‘ You’re good to go’ and now you are ready to use the Office.

5. If it still shows that you need to sign in after installation, please login through your full Email account once again, ([email protected]). You should not log in through the product or license key.

6. After this please keep in mind you can easily use Office offline and get your work done, but keep in mind to connect Office with the internet every 30 days for editing rights and remain active.

Please note, that although you can install Microsoft Office for free on up to 15 devices (including 5 Macs/PCs, 5 smartphones, and 5 tablets), you are only able to install the applications on devices that you personally own. 

Your student model of Microsoft Office is the simplest to be had to apply even as you’re a USC student, and even though your installations of Microsoft Office will stay hooked up once you graduate, they will transfer to examine the simplest mode.

In this approach, you’ll nonetheless be capable of open and examine all Office files however you may be not able to edit them or create new ones. If the usage of OneDrive, you ought to take away all your content material out earlier than you graduate.

If you do now no longer take away your content material earlier than then you’ll now no longer be capable of getting the right of entry to it and it is going to be deleted. View Free Microsoft Office for students for specific commands. If you are nonetheless having trouble, visit Install Office for your PC or Mac for the greater complete setup commands and tips (in particular beneficial if putting in on a Mac).

*You also are capable of using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote online variations thru your chosen browser in case you do now no longer desire to put in the laptop apps through your Office 365 Portal (

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