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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 release date, Spoilers, Preview, Where I can watch Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73, And Will Granolah Fight Goku?

Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most famous and classic manga series. Despite being 36 years over, this series still has the power to take over Twitter and other social media platforms with its slightest piece of news.

This article is drafted to provide the ever-increasing fan club of ‘Dragon Ball’ with some great news. If you are in search of the release date, spoilers, and other exciting updates regarding chapter 72, make sure you scroll down.

Previously On Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 :

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dragon ball super chapter 73 release date

In the cutting-edge episode of Dragon Ball Super, we noticed Goku and Vegetta coming into every other planet and felt something weird. Eventually, they find out a massive villain, Granulah ready for them. Earlier they have fought him and defeated him, however, matters are distinctive this time. Goku first desired to pair up with Vegetta to battle Granolah, however, then they went one-on-one to combat him.

Granolah is all organized this time, and through prepared, I mean, PREPARED!!! While Goku is the use of all he has got, it doesn’t appear like Granolah is even at a tight spot. Vegetta is gazing at the entirety and feels how plenty Granolah has discovered by way of this time.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Spoilers:

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Granolah Beats Ultra Instinct Goku? Vegeta Hakais Granolah? Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 72 Talk - YouTube

I guess all of us watched at least a few episodes of the epic Dragon Ball collection at some point. And these few episodes or simply a scene made many of us a die coronary heart fan of the series. Now, it is time for the ongoing manga collection beneath the equal umbrella, Dragon Ball Super.

Akita Toriyama is penning the manga whilst Toyotarou is illustrating it. As of now, we have seventy-two episodes of the collection are out. Fans are now thinking about what will manifest to their cherished Son Goku in the upcoming episode. The final episode made followers see that Goku’s assaults are no longer making any impact on Granolah. So, what’s next? Here are a few spoilers for you.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Release Date:

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 will release on Sunday, 20 June 2021. Dragon Ball Super is available on VIZ Media  once a month. New updates and highlights will be available next month.

Dragon Ball Super Characters:

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  • Goku
  • vagetta
  • Granolah
  • Moro
  • Frezza
  • Macki

Where To Read Dragon Ball Super Manga Online?

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We do not recommend you to read any manga on any fake website or platform, You can read Dragon Ball Super Manga Online on Viz or Shueisha’s Manga

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