Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Release Date, Raw Scans And Preview


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76  is all set to be dropped out on the following date, Scroll down to learn more about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, And more.

Dragon Ball Super also referred to as Doragon Boru Supa is one the most famous long-running Japanese Manga series, whose credits for creation go to Akira Toriyama and is demonstrated by Toyotarou. The series Dragon Ball Super is a sequel to the Dragon Ball manga. The name Dragon Ball is very well known among those otakus who are watching and reading mangas for a very long time. The manga has also been adapted into a 131- episode anime series which was produced by Toei Animation studio and started airing in April 2015. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Highlights:

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Previously in Dragon Ball Super chapter 75, we have witnessed Granola landing on the very top of the building that was there all rumbled up as he was attempting to restore it. Vegeta entered the scene when Granola was trying to use his double kick attack but ends up collapsing in the wall. Granola was seemed to fly off as he get hit into a building as a result of Vegeta’s ultimate force applied on him. Later, in the episode, there was a small showdown between them. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Release Date: 

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The new episode of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is all set to drop out on 18th September 2021. The new chapter will be available to read on the official Viz platforms and other channels also. No delay has been reported till now in the release of the upcoming chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Spoilers:


Dragon Ball Super is an ongoing manga series, the series has been popular among its reader from the date it had started publishing. To maintain that popularity and suspense about the new chapter, publishers avoid announcing any spoilers or previews about the upcoming chapter. But the previews will be out 2-3 days prior to the release of the new chapter. 

Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Online:

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Dragon Ball Super Characters:

The main characters of Dragon Ball include: