Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Spoilers, Raw Scans And Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78  is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about  Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78  Release date, spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78, and More.

Dragon Ball Super Previous Chapter 77 Highlights:

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Meanwhile, the attackers seemed to be much stronger than Monato and others were expecting. Granolah was young, and those gorillas came from the Saiyan form. He witnessed the murder and destruction of his planet and concluded that the Saudis were evil. However, his mother arrived just as one of the Saiyan warriors was following him and rescuing him. That is the roar of a gorilla, and Granolah falls asleep in fear. Granoilah’s mother stayed with him trying to survive all enemy strikes.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Spoilers

One of the Cereals, named Flayk, attacks the moon. The moon returned to normal, and gorillas began to turn into humans.Flakk knows their weaknesses and believes he has found them, but those Saiyas still have tails. But the Saiyas told him that they were very powerful even though they were not in their monkey condition. They are not strong enough to destroy everything. One of those Asians hit Flakk with a movement that looked like an air bomb and killed Flakek in one strike. He told Leek to help complete Planet Cereal, and off they went. Leek shows off Saiyan and agrees.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Release Date:

The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will be released on November 19, 2021. Bardock felt some power in the mountains and at the airport when he discovered he was a Namekian, in Monaco. Monaco wanted to kill Bardock with a Namibian stick, but Bardock caught him. They find out that Burdick is protecting Granola, and his mother, Muezl and Bardock, warn them of Freeza’s arrival. Today, Granola learned the truth, and Goku heard it too. Monaco also recounts the Heter’s history of invading the planet and killing Muezl.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Countdown:

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Spoilers:

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Goku, the Prince of Saiyan, and Granola listen to the story of Legendary Saiyan. This began when the war ended after Namekian’s arrival revealed that Bardock had saved the world in the past. The Dragon Ball Super reveals the history of Planet Cereal that took place forty years ago. The Namekin family once had good relations with the Cerealals and helped one another. But one day, enemy ships arrived, and Planet Cereal was under attack. The enemy destroyed everything, including crops, and the Namekian and Cerealians died in numbers. An army of gorillas appeared, invading and destroying the city. Other types of villains also emerged and began harassing Namekans and Cerealeans. No one could save them, and they could not help each other. The invaders defeated them and gathered them together in one place. Those who do not give up pay with their lives.

Where To Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77? Reading Details

We do not recommend reading the chapter on some fake manga website. Please read it on VIZ media.

Dragon Ball Super Cast:

1. Goku
2. Gohan
3. Vegeta
4. Piccolo
5. Krillin
6. Moro
7. Granolah
8. Monaito 
9. Chi-Chi
10. Bulma
11. Android 18
12. Broly

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