Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Release date, Spoilers, where to read, and more


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Raw Scans, Previously on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, And More. 

It is a Japanese manga series which is written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou. The story follows the adventures of Goku and friends during the ten-year time skip after the defeat of Majin Buu.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Highlights:

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Gas vs. Granolah is shown. Granolah then uses his signature moves to shoot Gas, who in turn uses his shield to block the laser beams. Granolah not only survives the explosion but also appears carrying all 46 weapons by which Gas attacked him. Furthermore, Vegeta tells Goku that Granolah was on par with his opponent which makes Goku excited. Granolah begins to attack Gas. Vegeta thinks that Gas is yet to reveal his true powers. Lastly, Granolah sent Gas flying by a high kick and tells him to stop depending on the same tactics.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Spoilers:

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Elec thinks that Gas has become the most powerful warrior in the Universe.  Dragon Ball Super shows the Era of the Heeters who reign because they have plans with Freezer. Elec further warns his minions that the debris would fall inside his wine if they got near the battlefield. Maki and Oil further fight with Monato to know the location of the Prince of Saiyans Vegeta. Vegeta feeds Senzu Bean to Granolah which give him strength.

    Granolah defeats Monato. Maki wonders why Granolah always gets in front of them. Oil thinks how Granolah was able to survive. Granolah then sents the two in midair with by a single blast, and Gas witnesses an explosion from the other side. Gas then holds Goku in midair by his spear. Monato reminded Granolah about Goku but Gas realizes that Granolah had regained his energy. Monato hands over a  face mask to Granolah which he puts it on.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Release Date:

It will be released on 20 January 2022. One can read Dragon-Ball Super Chapter 80 online on VIZ Media’s official website.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Countdown:

Where To Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80? 

Dragon Ball Super is to be had to read online via Viz Media.

Dragon Ball Super Cast: