Dragon Ball Super Season 2 | Release Date, New Website & Everything You Need To Know About That

Today, I will tell you all about dragon ball super season 2 release date and their new website, and why it should take some more time.

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Dragon Ball New Website

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  • The dragon ball official site has been officially announced.
  • Which will be covering future dragon ball super and every other piece of the dragon ball franchise.

  • Now over the last few months, the site was noticed across the dragon ball fandom in its early construction days.
  • The new website was kind of accessible such as the policy page.
  • We could see the various areas of what to expect including being registered with a big name like Shueisha.
  • The old site will be shut down and they’ll switch to this new site currently called www.dragonballz.com/
  • The site will be available in five languages to provide all of the info about the latest dragon ball which includes Japanese English french german and Spanish.
  • The launch date and URL will be announced very soon on the dragon ball official site.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

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if I had to bet I would say the time it would take for the first episode of the anime to be released would be the start of the new year in 2022.

Why Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Should Take Some More Time

  • That’s my guess if super is announced on the website within the next few months.
  • It will provide enough time for the companies and creators and animators to get all their ducks in a row to continue the promotion.
  • Allowing it to have a decent build-up
  • I don’t think a new dragon ball super anime is going to be a rush job they would be foolish to rush it out with a low budget coming off.
  • The high quality of the last parts of the anime the animation was awesome and also the manga has moved forward a lot.
  • The anime has plenty of time to pace itself with no pressure for ideas.
  • But, we as fans expect quality more than ever.
  • The dragon ball name has flourished and bathed in the glory of the success of big names like xenoverse 2 and fighters and so much more.
  • If we get anything like the first few episodes of super in terms of animation.
  • You remember back then with DBS right, that will not be acceptable dragon ball super 2.
  • If you want to call it that will be one of the biggest releases in hype trains of all time.
  • It needs to deliver the momentum to run with it in the first few episodes.
  • Otherwise, as you know how crazy the internet community can be.
  • They can drag anything down if it’s crap they wouldn’t risk that with a new product.
  • Either way, I am very hopeful that this new website will finally open the door for big dragon ball news very soon.

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