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Edens Zero Episode 14 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Edens Zero Episode 14 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap Edens Zero Episode 13, And more.

Hiro Mashima’s Edens Zero is a Japanese science-fantasy manga series that he wrote and drew. Since June 2018, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, with chapters compiled into fifteen tanks on volumes as of May 2021. Shiki Granbell is a little boy who embarks on a journey across planets aboard the titular spaceship in quest of a cosmic goddess known as “Mother.”

The manga is available in six other languages on Crunchyroll, Comixology, and Amazon Kindle. Kodansha USA has licensed the series for English publication in North America through Crunchyroll, Comixology, and Amazon Kindle. J.C.Staff created an anime television series adaption, which premiered in April 2021. Konami has also announced a video game adaption.

Previously On Edens Zero Episode 13 :

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Pino also said that she couldn’t identify any virus on Hermit, and Ivry believes it’s a sleep disorder. Shiki inquires about what this implies, to which Witch Regret responds that Hermit’s heart has been harmed. The crew is worried that something terrible would happen to Hermit; Homura believes it will be harmful since her heart will close. Shiki ponders whether or not it is possible to save Hermit. Ivry responds that she has no idea how to help an android in this state.

They should enter Hermit’s body and repair her broken heart, Shiki urges. Shiki uttered the unthinkable, according to Rebecca and Weisz. Weisz is perplexed as to how they can infiltrate someone’s body. Shiki recognizes Weisz as a professor and asks if he can build a mechanism that will allow them to teleport into Hermit’s body. Wiesz understands he’s acting like a mobster and exclaims that he can’t make that machine. Pino and Happy are perplexed as to whether or not hearts have a physical shape. Shiki responds that Hermit is a robot and that she could be carrying something in her chest.

Edens Zero Episode 14 Release Date:

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Edens Zero Episode 14 release date is 11 July 2021 at 12:55 AM JST. You can watch Edens Zero online on Netflix.


Edens Zero Episode 14 Spoilers:

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Pino and Happy come to terms with the fact that they are robots with no hearts. Shiki was told that robots don’t have souls. Weisz rubbed his temples and ordered Shiki to stop with his craziness. Shiki responds that they must save Hermit at any cost. Shiki also expressed his sadness at seeing Hermit in such a state. Weisz teases Shiki, implying that he is ready to cry, to which he responds that he is not “crying” while calling.

Witch Rgret kneels in face of the Great Demon King, and Rebecca teases Shiki. There is a way to save Hermit, according to Witch Regret. Ivry worries if they’re talking about diving into the model when Shiki tells her to clarify. Dermott’s heart, according to Witch Regret, is on Planet Digitals. Shiki is taken aback by the absence of the soul, yet she is still alive. Hermit is in a state known as “Dive Mode,” according to Witch Regret. Her identity and spirit have been transferred to the digital realm. According to the team, Hermit has been dreaming the entire time; Ivry stated that she dreams in digital and virtual space.

Where To Watch The Anime Edens Zero:

edens zero episode 14 release date

You can officially watch anime Edens zero on Netflix and I recommend you to not watch it on any other illegal site as they might mislead you from the original plot. 

Edens Zero Characters:

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  • Happy
  • Shiki Granbell
  • Rebecca bluegarden
  • Elsie Crimson
  • Weisz Steiner
  • E. M. Pino
  • Erza Scarlet
  • Lusu Heartifilla
  • Wendy Marvell
  • Jellal Fernandez

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