Edens Zero Episode 26 Release Date, Spoilers and Watch Online Free

Edens Zero Episode 26 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Edens Zero Episode 26 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap of Edens Zero Episode 25, And More.

Edens Zero is an anime adaptation of the famous manga of the same name. Directed by Shiniji Ishihira and Yuki Suzuki and written by Mitsutaka Hirota, produced by the studio J.C.Staff and is licensed by Netflix. The anime first aired on April 11 2021.

The story follows Shiki Granbell who is a human ether gear user living among the robots on planet Granbell that is basically a park. One day, two B-Cubers visit the park. Rebecca Bluegarden and her robotic cat Happy. While they were recording for their channel, Shiki befriends them.

 But the robot of the parks forces them off the planet, the three set out to explore the universe by searching for a mother who is the fabled goddess of the cosmos. During the process, Shiki acquires the Edens Zero a warship that was previously captained by Demon King Ziggy who was a grandfather figure for Shiki.

Edens Zero Episode 25 Highlights:

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Shiki captures Kurenai by combining his own powers with Kurenai’s Dragon missile to destroy mech. After that Nino deactivates Kuranai’s robot army and Homura is elected to decide Kurenai’s punishment. Clever Kurenai tries to use Homura’s affection against him by feigning compassion for him which Homura realizes is fake by showing her a doll that she herself gifted him but was unable to remember. She is then exiled by Homura after he acknowledges Valkyrie as his mother.

Shiki’s team leaves Valkyrie for Edens Zero where Witch and Sister argue about the futility of reviving Valkyrie. Shiki resolves their argument by asking the crew to accept her death. Homura agrees with Shiki and offers to fill Valkyrie’s position within the Four Shining Stars.

Edens Zero Episode 26 Release Date:

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If you are waiting for the release of episode 26 of Edens Zero then you might have to wait for a long time because the first season is supposed to have only 25 episodes. Looking at the sales, there’s no doubt that Edens Zero will definitely have a season 2 where you can get to see episode 26 or season 2 Episode 1.

Edens Zero Episode 26 Spoilers:

As I’ve mentioned before that the season will only have 35 episodes and another episode would require for a whole new season. We don’t have any official announcement for season 2 and if you want any spoilers or want to know what happens in the show then you can simply read the manga.

Where To Watch: Edens Zero Episode 26?

We do not recommend you to watch ‘Edens Zero’ on any fake platform or website, you can watch ‘Edens Zero’ on Netflix,  provided you have its subscription. 

Edens Zero Characters:

  • Shiki Granbell
  • Rebecca Bluegarden
  • Elsie Crimson
  • Weisz Steiner
  • Happy

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