Eleceed Chapter 156 Raw Scans, Release Date And Preview


Eleceed Chapter 156 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Eleceed Chapter 156 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap Eleceed Chapter 155, And more.

Eleceed is a Korean manhwa series that is currently streaming online. The manhwa was written by Noblesse and Son Jae Ho, it was demonstrated by the very well-known artist from another famous manhwa, Zhena. The manhwa is available for natives of Korea, while an English-translated version is also available for readers all over the world.

Previously On Eleceed Chapter 155 :

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In the previous chapter, we witnessed Jinwoo appearing in the scene. He arrived there as the world awakeners as they were not able to track the movements and locations. As Jinwoo appeared, they released there is someone within the Korean Rookies who is able to overpower Duke. The battle is not concluded yet, Jinwoo was there to stand against Duke as Subin Lee’s substitute or Inhyuk Goo will declare Duke the winner. 

Eleceed Chapter 156 Release Date:

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eleceed chapter 156 release date

Eleceed is a Korean manhwa series, which gets updated on a weekly basis. The new chapter of Elceed is released every Tuesday. The all-new chapter of Eleceed is scheduled to be released on 2nd September 2021. According to the sources, this chapter is going to hold some importance in the plot of the manhwa. 

Eleceed Chapter 156 Countdown:

What To Expect From Eleceed Chapter 156 :

In new chapter 156 of Eleceed we are most likely to witness the continuation of the happiness while everyone celebrated by the Korean Rookies. The teachers will also get indulged in this celebration. On the contrary, the world teachers will stay rigid for standing against the Korean Rookies as the students of this country were highly underestimated, but they will definitely not stand quietly. The upcoming episode will disclose what they will do to stand against them.

Eleceed Characters: 

The main character of the manga include: 

  • Jiwoo Seo
  • Kayden
  • Inhyuk Goo
  • Jisuk Yoo
  • Jiyoung Yoo
  • Subin Lee
  • Wooin

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