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Eleceed Chapter 172 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Eleceed Chapter 172 Raw Scans, Previously on Eleceed Chapter 171 And More.

Eleceed’ has been elected as a very famous Korean Webtoon. It is written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by Zhena. It is not only a fantasy-filled but also an action packed show. Its popularity is increasing as more number of chapters release to the public. With that said, let us examine the release date and spoilers for the upcoming chapter which is chapter number 172 of ‘Eleceed’.

Eleceed Chapter 171 Highlights:

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In the previous chapter of ‘Eleceed’, we happened to witness that the entire Korean society is all set to be consumed between the tentacles of the on-going battle where Jiyoung Yoo is the first and the main target of all. Although the attack was completely unforeseen, she was fighting the attackers with all her mighty and rebel in her eyes. With her strength now concealed, the final scene closes with the audience to realize that she is too powerful to be defeated.

Eleceed Chapter 172 Release Date:

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Eleceed Chapter 172 Release Date

It has been officially communicated to us that ‘Eleceed’ chapter 172 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, 15 December, 2021. 

Eleceed Chapter 172 Countdown:

Eleceed Chapter 172 Spoilers:

Eleceed Chapter 172 Release Date

Jiwoo is regarded as a kind young man. It is him who secretively manages to bind together the instantaneous instincts of a cat with a view to make the world a better place to co-exist. Kayden is another personality in the series. His profession is to serve as a secret agent but is on the run in the present scene. At the end of the day, it is expected that he will find out about himself installed in the form of a fat old furred cat. 

Where To Read It:

Fans are eagerly waiting for the eleceed chapter 172.It is sure to be released soon. However, you can read it on the official manga website which is It is easily available on the app store or play store.

Eleceed Cast:

  1. Jiwoo seo
  2. kayden Break
  3. Jiyoung Yoo
  4. Jisuk hoo
  5. Subin Lee
  6. Klein Brothers

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