Elizabeth Holmes Trial Deliberations To Resume Tomorrow On Jan. 3

Elizabeth Holmes Trial Deliberations to Resume on Jan. 3 is all set to be on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Elizabeth Holmes Trial Deliberations to Resume on Jan. 3, Raw Scans, Previously on Elizabeth Holmes Trial Deliberations to Resume on Jan. 3 And More.

Here is an article that will give you a close-up shot at what Elizabeth Holmes Trial Deliberations look like and when will the same resume. Reportedly, it is expected to resume on January 3, 2022.

Elizabeth Holmes Trial Deliberations To Resume On Jan. 3:

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Ms Holmes who is known to be the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the blood-testing start-up ‘Theranos’, is being pointed fingers at for cheating investors, patients as well as advertisers in the greed of more money and fame. From what media sources reveal, jurors ended six-day deliberations devoid of conducting a verdict yet on Wednesday in the case hearing of the American businesswoman.  

Elizabeth Holmes, 37, is drawn against not one but two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and as much as nine counts of wire fraud on allegations concerning the act of deception. If, in any way, she is found guilty, she may have to face as much as 20 years behind the bars for each count of wire fraud.

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It has been reported that deliberations were programmed to resume on the forthcoming Monday morning in federal court in San Jose, Calif.

It is a dignified jury of eight men and four women who have been entrusted for the task of deliberating for six days in a row. In that appointed time span, they have asked only a couple of questions in the court of order.

On December 21, 2021 they enquired if they could be given an option as to take jury instructions home to which the answer was in negation by the central court.

Again, two days later, they also asked to listen to audio revelations conversations taking place between Ms. Holmes and her investors. Even though the particulars of the call have not been released yet to the public, it is sure that it may turn a lot of events for the infamous woman in business.

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