EMF 2022: Official Empire Music Festival Ticket Prices


The organizers of Empire Music Festival 2022EMF— announced the prices of the tickets to one of the music festivals most anticipated of Guatemala. Find out all the details below!

Ticket prices for EMF 2022

Phase 2: Dancefloor 2 days Q765.00 Phase 3: Dancefloor 1 day: Q559.00 Dancefloor 2 days: Q849.00 Vip all inclusive 1 day: Q1559 Vip all inclusive 2 days: Q2156

The official dates for the start of ticket sales for phase 3 have not yet been announced, stay tuned for our publications so you don’t miss any details.

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Empire Music Festival 2022 prices according to location and sales phases. (Credits: EMF)

EMF 2022 Details

The event will take place from June 3 to 4, 2022 starting at 11:00 in the morning. It will take place at Finca Jocotillo, kilometer 37.5, Carretera a El Salvador. The artists who will perform have not yet been announced, but if you do not want to miss any details, stay tuned for our publications.

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