Ethereum Price Prediction For 2022 And Beyond: Will ETH Rise Again?


Bitcoin has had a tough start to the year, dropping around 10% of its value and putting a damper on the cryptocurrency market’s optimism—even as prominent investors make massive bitcoin price predictions.

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The bitcoin price has risen just 18% from this point last year, after swinging wildly throughout much of 2021. Some smaller cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, have experienced outsized gains.

Based on his company’s “internal valuation models,” the head of a Swiss bank has predicted that bitcoin will rise to a new all-time high this year.

“Our internal valuations suggest a price of between $50,000 and $75,000 right now,” Seba’s Guido Buehler said on the sidelines of the Crypto Finance Conference in Switzerland, according to Yahoo Finance. “I’m absolutely certain we’ll reach that level.

One of the main reasons for the bitcoin price rise, according to Buehler, is that institutional investors are expecting them to do so in the coming months and years.

“Institutional money will most likely push the price higher,” Buehler said. “We are a fully regulated bank, and we have asset pools that are waiting for the appropriate time to invest.”

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Ethereum Price Prediction For 2022

In 2021, Bitcoin’s spectacular rise was aided by companies such as Tesla TSLA and El Salvador embracing cryptocurrency.

Other countries and even a central bank may follow El Salvador and Tesla into bitcoin this year, according to Fidelity, which predicts buyers of bitcoin while the price is low will be “better off competitively than their peers.”

Meanwhile, Wall Street heavyweights and institutional investors have rushed to meet client demand for bitcoin and other digital currencies in recent months as the increasing value of cryptocurrencies entices traders. Over the previous two years, interest rates and inflation have both risen dramatically.

Inflation, which is now at a near-40-year high in the United States, demonstrates how the common fiat system, of which it is a crucial part as it is tasked with maintaining price stability, is dangerously out of touch with reality. Nigel Green, deVere’s CEO, said the following in emailed comments:

“I think this will help to increase demand—and therefore the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.”

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Ethereum Price Prediction For 2022

Bitcoin’s status as a store of value and hedge against inflation has improved in recent years, gaining popularity in traditional financial circles after renowned investor Paul Tudor Jones dubbed bitcoin “the fastest horse to beat inflation” in May 2020.

“As bitcoin’s finite supply of 21 million coins approaches, and institutional investors increasingly enter the crypto space, it will continue to outperform gold as a safe haven for money,” Green added.

“Money follows the best treatment it gets, and with treasuries yielding negative in real terms, moving capital into the Fed is a positive liability for investors.”

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