Exclusive interview with Christian Nodal about his new album Foraji2 and concerts in Guatemala


Mexican regional music singer and composer, Christian Nodalprovided a exclusive interview to recognized media outlets in Central America and talked about his new music albums, unexpected collaborations and how his music has evolved over the years.

In addition to this, he provided information about ongoing projects and what his fans can expect in the two concerts what will it give Guatemala.

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Christian Nodal smiles during an exclusive interview. (Credits: Guatemala.com)

Exclusive interview with Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal will give a concert on May 7 and 8, 2022 in Guatemala, his first presentation sold out in a matter of hours and the second one is gradually filling up. About his shows in our country he commented «It will be a concert full of emotions. There will be a great group of musicians, the visuals are beautiful and the most important thing is that I come ready to sing to you with all my heart.» The songs that Guatemalans will be able to listen to are Goodbye Love, La Sinvergüenza, La Mitad, Bottle After Bottle, We Are No Longer Nor Will We Be, and many others!

Regarding his next albums, he commented that he is in the process of creating Outlaw Y outlaw2. His second album presents new musical proposals, which include genres such as rock, pop, rap and African. The confirmed collaborations are with Feid, Gera MX, Ozuna, Marc Anthony, among others. We already want to hear them!

exclusive interview Christian Nodal Guatemala.com new album Forajido concerts Guatemala 2022

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Christian Nodal in a concert at the Youtube Theater. (Credits: Will Navarro)

Among his next projects is to continue with the musical tours, to continue composing music and the surprise: he will create the music for the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. What great news!

The evolution in his music through the years

In interview with tremblzer, Christian explained that at the beginning of his career he received support from his father and mother, both of whom helped him perfect his voice and produce the songs. During the tours he indicated that he learned about new types of music and how the art world worked.

The Mexican singer expressed that this stage of his life is the one he has enjoyed the most, since he has worked with talented people from Los Angeles and with American artists. «outlaw2 It marks a before and after in my career,” he confessed.

The native of Sonora, Mexico has promoted the change in the image of the Mexican regional genre and before this he said that there was a wave of followers behind him, even in the change of clothing. “That part of following my heart with the music I make and the proposals I have has opened doors for many other regional artists,” he said.

Surely his concert will surprise all his Guatemalan fans!

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