Fallout 4 – inspiring wastelands [INW #28]


Is the graphics of the new Fallout really that poor? Can you create a charming hero who abhors violence? What resolution does Fallout 4 look best in? Answers to these and other questions about Bethesda’s new creation below. Bonus: nostalgic memories from the time of the first installment of the series.

Fallout 4 Artbook – Concept art of landscapes, characters, weapons and gear, in short, everything that makes up the visual concept of the new Fallout 4 has been gathered in a beautiful artbook. It is true that to see it in its entirety you have to reach deep into your wallet, but the announcement of the release itself looks great. The graphics in the new Fallout are perhaps the most frequently mentioned in the list of “things Fallout 4 could have done better. In practice, it is not too bad. On the official Bethesda blog, you can read about the technical details of the engine on which the new installment of the series runs.

The Art of Fallout 4 © Bethesda, 2015 Chuck B. Luck – PC Gamer’s editors checked whether the new Fallout can be played by building a hero solely on Charisma and Luck. Meet Chuck! Fallout 4 in 5K resolution – and it turns out that Boston can be charming, if you only raise the graphics options high enough. Tim Cain on the first Fallout – and finally a return to the past, that is, Tim Cain – the producer of the first Fallout – during his appearance at GDC 2012, mentions how the production of the cult classic was carried out.

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