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Festival “Ruido y Rampas” will combine skateboarding with music in Guatemala City


The FestivalNoise and Ramps” is addressed to all lovers of skateboardingthe music of different genres, art and other topics that are part of the culture of skateboarding. During the festival you will listen to the music of talented national and international artists and you will have the unique opportunity to meet renowned skaters #QuéChilero.

The festival will take place in Guatemala City in June 2022 and in this note we detail what else you can expect from Noise and Ramps.

“Ruido y Rampas” Festival will combine skateboarding with music

The Noise and Ramps Festival born from the fusion of the culture of skateboarding and the music. And according to the organizers of this event, the fusion of these two cultures makes art, graphic design, independent editorial content, food and more disciplines converge in a single space. During the event there will be skateboarding competitions, there will be a museum dedicated to this sport, pop up stores and food and drinks.

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Man jumping on a ramp practicing skateboarding. (Credits: Fish Skate Culture)

Throughout the festival there will be musical presentations by national and international artists such as Los Blenders, The Vibes, Las bachas, Obsolencia Programada, K/Á, Vinilos por Sic Vic y Lao, Mayki Graff and Ch3bo. And if your dream has always been to meet internationally recognized skaters, this is your chance! They will perform at the festival:

Jaime Reyes, United States: She is an American staker from Hawaii and is a pioneer and legend in women’s skateboarding. She is one of only five women to appear on the cover of Thrasher magazine. Carlos Zarazua, Guatemala-USA: He is a Guatemalan pro skater based in Los Angeles. He has extensive experience in competitions in cities like Barcelona and Los Angeles and has appeared in relevant skateboarding videos. Fernan Origel, Mexico: he started skating at the age of 12 and at the age of 25 he became a professional figure skater in Europe. He has won international competitions and has had appearances in the most important media of the world skateboarding scene. Andrea Bethke, United States: She is a professional skater based in Philadelphia and is one of the most relevant emerging skaters in American skateboarding. Geraldine Ramirez, Mexico: She is an emerging skater from Mexico and has participated in Latin American competitions.

How to attend the festival?

Ruido y Rampas is organized by the fish store, Cohete Studio and Dos Mundos Agency and will take place on June 25, 2022 in the Parque de la Industria. If you want to enter the world of skating and meet recognized characters you can attend the festival, these are the ticket prices:

Q300.00 from May 30 to June 19 Q350.00 from June 20 to June 25

You also have the opportunity to meet the invited skaters through a Meet & Greet, which will take place on the day of the festival and costs Q350.00. There are only 50 spaces available! #BatteriesWell. All of these can be purchased through the website fishkate.com or by visiting the Meatpack stores located in shopping centers in Guatemala.

So let’s live the Guatemalan skate culture!

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